Dr. Paul Pispidikis – Chiropractor

Dr. Paul was born and raised in London, Ontario.  He attended the University of Western Ontario and completed a Bachelor of Arts in 1993.  He obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker University in Dallas, Texas and graduated cum laude in 1997.  He is married to his lovely wife Georgina and has 2 boys.

Tammy Forwell – Chiropractic Assistant

Tammy was raised in gorgeous Meaford Ontario on Georgian Bay. After a slip and fall at the age of 25, she experienced relief from the benefits of Chiropractic. On her path to wellness and as a migraine sufferer, chiropractic adjustments have been key to relieving the pain and reducing the frequency of her migraines.

Tammy later moved to London with her husband Derek and began her Chiropractic Health Assistant career. She received her Chiropractic Health Assistant training through the Parker Collage of Chiropractic Seminars. She has a beautiful daughter who also benefits from regular Chiropractic care.

Tammy has been at the Chiropractic Health Centre since the fall of 2003, and finds great satisfaction in seeing patients enjoy relief and attain better health through Chiropractic care.

Dawn Yeo – Chiropractic Assistant

Dawn is from London, Ontario.and has enjoyed being a Chiropractic Health Assistant for many years.  Since her first chiropractic adjustment at 14 years old, she had appreciated the relief and health benefits chiropractic offers.

Dawn has had the privilege of working at 2 chiropractic clinics in beautiful Owen Sound during a 10 year period, and is impressed at the dedication and consistency of care she has seen within the chiropractic profession.

Now, having experienced 8 years as a Chiropractic Health Assistant to Dr. Paul Pispidikis, she loves seeing people of all ages benefit from chiropractic and have a much better quality of health and wellness in their lives. An additional huge benefit of being with the  Chiropractic Health Clinic  is the wonderful team of Dr. Paul, Tammy, Anne-Marie and Christina that she gets to work with!

Olivia Wale – Registered Massage Therapist

Olivia graduated from Trios College in 2022 with an Honors degree in Massage Therapy. Olivia is in good standing with the CMTO. Olivia is a passionate and welcoming massage therapist with goals to continue her knowledge in massage therapy and better her care for her clients

When she is not massaging, Olivia is found of traveling and spending time with her family.

Hours are Thursdays 9:30 am to 3:00 pm and Fridays 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
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